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Practice Areas

Technology, Media, Telecoms & Data Protection

Alessandri´s Technology, Media, Telecoms and Data Protection Practice Area provides general counseling in the field of regulatory, compliance, licensing and litigation matters to clients in the entertainment, sports and software industries, especially international clearance for movies and videogames. The team also handles regulatory affairs within the telecom’s, radio and TV areas, and provides advice in the local and international data privacy and management for all type of multinational companies.


Leading partner, Rodrigo Velasco Alessandri, is also the IP Managing Partner and has specialized in the field of Industrial and Intellectual Property. All members actively participate in academicals activities and advice public and private institutions in the legal area of copyright, software, entertainment, data privacy, technology, media and telecommunications, including the current  legislative discussion of the new Chilean Data Privacy Law.

There is no doubt that the draft Law on Data Protection, added to the entry into force of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe, on May 25, 2018, has convulsed many national administrations. For companies domiciled in Chile, which have the status of a subsidiary of European parent companies, the change in legislation promoted by the GDPR will force Chile to adapt its data protection standards to higher levels of compliance, considering, for example, that they may be subject of a treatment that implies, among other things, a transnational shipment to the old continent. On the other hand, like the national companies, they will also be obliged to address modifications that allow them to process their data from the explicit authorization of their owners and also evaluate the nature of them, something completely new in our country. From a local perspective, we see that for example the retail companies, isapres, banks, educational centers, among other institutions that own and manage huge and sometimes multiple databases, rarely adequately identified and reviewed in their content and treatment, simply not they have a clear notion of what this true institutional change will mean to them in face of internally compiled data. If we add that the new local regulations would create a National Agency for Data Protection, an institution with still imprecise audit powers, plus the high fines that the breach of the rules entails, the decisions that must be taken internally to promote an adequate prioritization that allows to build a preventive compliance, they must have expert and specialized support.





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