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ALESSANDRI is one of the best known full service law firms in Chile and Latin America (125 years). Our strong IP Department has assisted both national and foreign clients for decades to protect and enforce their Intellectual Property assets. During last years, our support to Life Science projects has become one of our major achievements. Marketing development of new clients such as Ciencia Pura Spa and Cells for Cells S.A’s. national phase PCT filing for Chile, Peru and México, has been part our tasks for the last years.

Local Universities and important R&D centers are often in touch with our professional to design strategies to boost their patent portfolios. Becoming members of the Board at the University of Chile’s Centre for Biotechnology and Bioengineering (CeBiB), which is one of the most important innovation cores in the Life Science area in Chile is certainly a great success for our Department.

Economic growth of major Latin American markets and therefore the improvement of quality and standard of life in the area should be a subject to take into account for new marketing strategies. In this regard more than ever we foresee our technical legal service is needed to back up national and foreign entities to take part in this new period. Technological advances in the search of new energy out of our natural bio system is a great focus of current research as is the scientific study of organisms/microorganisms and electronic application on botany.

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