Companies and business

Valuation of trademarks and company

Using an effective methodology, we determine the value of your company and/or trademark, defining company purchase and sale agreements.

Due Diligence

Prior to the purchase or sale of a company, a legal, tax, financial and employment analysis must be performed for contingencies and values not reflected in the accounting to be determined, and which are useful in specifying the price of the company.

Purchase and sale of companies

Purchase or sale mandates under a strict confidentiality agreement.

Financial structuring

Restructuring company liabilities often means improving payment capacity.


We review the financial statements under an independent opinion with auditors registered with the SVS.

IFRS Implementation

We offer the implementation of this new methodology, now in force in Chile and obligatory for all companies.

Company reorganization

Legal, accounting and tax analysis for a sound company reorganization without setbacks.

Tax defense

With the implementation of the new tax and customs tribunals, companies require specialist attorneys to defend their interests before the Chilean Internal Revenue Service (SII).

Tax compliance

We assess the practices and performance of companies and people and their connection with tax obligations affecting them.

Tax planning

We organize the client’s activities and business such as to allow the optimization of their tax burden.

Tax recovery

We carry out the recovery of taxes paid in excess or unduly paid, charging a percentage of the return.

Shareholders’ agreements

We draft an agreement that protects the interests of shareholders in the case of sale, death and other situations.

Incentive plans for Key Executives

We design plans and/or analyze benefits that the company provides to its executives in order to maximize their benefits and decrease their tax impact.

Long-term savings management

We regulate partners’ agreements or decisions in time, allowing company sustainability.

Personal Advisors and Business

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