Director / Professional

Arturo Rivera

Estudios: Degree in Accounting and Auditing
Universidad de Santiago de Chile
Master’s in Tax Planning and Management
Universidad de Santiago
Idiomas: Spanish - English


Arturo Rivera is a director of Alessandri Individual and Business Advisors and is a fundamental part of the general precepts and dynamics that distinguish the consultancy’s service. Before joining forces and uniting his services with Alessandri, he worked at Bank Boston, Langton Clarke and was Head of the Tax Department at ENAP.

He was a member of the Tax Committee of the Association of Banks and Financial Institutions and a member of the Tax Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Production (CPC).

He now belongs to the Chilean Tax Institute and is a member of the IFA (International Tax Association).

Academic activity

He was an assistant professor of  the First Category Tax course, which is an undergraduate degree course at the Universidad de Santiago. Professor Pablo Vera, 1999 – Professor Manuel Manque-Hatta, 1999.

Course on FUT (Taxable Profits Ledger) in the Chilean Accountant’s Society (2000).

Course on FUT and FUNT (Non-taxable Profits Ledger) in the tax reorganization and business planning (2000).

Lecture on tax modifications, Law 19.738: “Its impact on business and its owners”. Taxconsult Auditores Consultores, 2001.

Course on Investments and Tax Effects, Commercial Platform Banco Penta. Consultant Moore Sthepens, 2004

Workshop on Transactional Taxation of Operations and Banking Products. Commercial and Financial Area of Banco HSBC Chile.

Director of the Diploma in Financial Instruments Taxation, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2007).

Personal Advisors and Business

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