Alessandri Individual and Business Advisors


Alessandri Personal Advisors and Business provides highly specialized services within a comprehensive and unique model of financial, tax, legal and social security analysis and planning especially designed for companies and people.

We assist, advice and counsel our clients´ decision making process in every scope of action, providing a comprehensive and complete service based on trust and assurance of maximum efficiency in problem solving.

We improve our clients´ choices and focus on detecting and generating solutions and on finding services most suitable to those challenges or needs.

Our practice is focused on people. If the issues we detect are not covered by our services, we act as advisors and refer our clients to the best professionals.

In addition to providing advice, Alessandri companies have a thorough and comprehensive corporate, tax, labor and environmental risk evaluation model in line with updated standards of demand and in accordance with a long-term planning and objectives for success.

We know how to deal with the changes that take place in the legal and tax frameworks to protect, optimize and increase the value of your company.

Personal Advisors and Business

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