Raúl Montero

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Studies: Master´s Degree in Law, Business and Justice, Universitat de Valencia, 2016.

Specialization course in Free Competition, 2008.

Diploma in Negotiation and Dispute Management, Universidad Corporativa de Telefónica, Barcelona, 2007.

LLB graduated Law School, Universidad de Chile, 1996.
Languages: Spanish - English


Raul specializes in corporate and litigation matters, such as contractual civil liability and torts, construction, telecommunications, both free and unfair competition, intellectual property, implementation of the Consumer Protection Act, arbitration, amongst others. Recently he obtained a degree in Master of Law, Business and Justice taught by the University of Valencia, Spain, with outstanding mention.

Before joining Alessandri in 2010, he was part of the Office of the Telecommunications Company of Chile S.A. (Telefónica Chile) where he served as Manager of the Legal Department from 1998 to 2009 and previously was an attorney advisor at CORFO for the incorporation of private capital in healthcare companies.

Academic Recognition

Raul has extensive academic experience, in training both undergraduate and diverse postgraduate students, including courses, diplomas and other masters, where he participates and collaborates in the formation of judges and legal professionals, in the Judicial Academy of Chilean Police Officers, specialization of various public services officials such as the Superintendence of Securities and Insurance, Internal Tax Service and Treasury General of the Republic, as well as others.

Since 1998 he teaches at Universidad de Chile, and since 2005, he is a professor of Procedural Law at the Faculty of Law, where he received an award in 2008 for recognition as best teacher. As of 2016 Raul also serves as director of the Department of Procedural Law, a position he was granted by election of his peers. Since 2010 he is a professor of Procedural Law at Universidad del Desarrollo, where he also serves as a member of the Board.

Raul counts with extensive diverse publishing’s on matters of civil and criminal procedures, of which highlight the work on the Civil Procedure Law. He is a member of the Chilean Bar Association and member of the Referee Corps of the Pro Bono Foundation Program, Legal Assistance Corporation of the Metropolitan Region, National Arbitration Center and the Faculty of Law at the Universidad Diego Portales.



Maturana, Cristián/Montero, Raúl, Criminal Procedural Law. Volume I, Volume II, ISBN 978-956-346-125-1. AbeledoPerrot, Legal Publishing Chile, Thomson Reuters, Santiago, Chile. Second Edition, updated and supplemented, 2012.

Book Chapters:

Insolvency in Chile, Doing Business 2019 report.

Update, Mario Casarino Viterbo. Procedural Law Manual. Organic Procedural Law. Volumes I, II, III, and VI. Editorial Jurídica de Chile, Santiago, Chile. Sixth edition, updated, 2005.

Editor of chapter on Arbitration, of Doing Business¨  by Britcham, 2013.


Procedural Law Journal, Law School, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, 2012, N° 22, Civil Procedural Code Project. Monitoring Procedure in the Civil Procedural Code Project, 2012.

Academic activity

Undergraduate Teaching

Procedural Law (Regular cycle professor), Universidad de Chile, 2005 to date.

Procedural Law (Regular cycle professor), Universidad del Desarrollo, 2010-2013.

Procedural Law (Regular cycle professor), Universidad Finis Terrae, 2010-2013.

Procedural Law (Professor), Universidad Santo Tomás, 2006.

Procedural Law (Professor), Universidad San Sebastián, 2006-2007.

Procedural Law (Assistant Professor), Universidad Santo Tomás, 1999.

Procedural Law (Assistant Professor), Universidad Gabriela Mistral, 1997-1998.


Graduate Teaching

Criminal Procedural Reform Diploma professor, Chilean Police Force. Universidad de Chile/Chilean Police Force, General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Police Academy, 2010-2011-2012-2013.

Tax Procedural Law Diploma Professor for the Internal Revenue Service, Universidad de Chile, 2012-2013.

Masters Professor, Civil Procedural Reform, Universidad de Chile, 2012.

Chilean Court Academy Professor of “Determining facts and evidence assessment”, Universidad de Chile, 2013.

Diploma Professor of Current problems and jurisprudence on expropriation matters, for the State Defense Council, Universidad de Chile-State defense Council, 2011.

Diploma Professor in Oral Litigation, Universidad Finis Terrae, 2010.

Professor of legal update on “Preparation of Pro Forma Recourse” for graduates. Universidad Finis Terrae, 2011.

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