Patent Consultant

Octavio Aravena

Studies: Biochemist, Universidad de Chile

PhD in Biotechnology, Universidad Andrés Bello- Fundación Ciencia para la Vida

Masters in Technology Management, with a major in Biotechnology, Universidad de Santiago de Chile Engineering School, Chemistry and Biology School.

Diploma in Research and Clinical Trial Monitor, Universidad de Chile School of Chemistry and Pharmacy.


Octavio is an independent advisor on patent matters, such as prior art search, patentability reviews and patent drafting in the area of biotechnology.

He has experience as a National industrial Property Institute (INAPI) patent examiner in the area of biotechnology, recommending the awarding or refusal of an Inapi patent, imparting expert training, interacting with applicants and drafting public analysis guidelines on relevant matters.

Academic activity

Academic Assistant for the Biology Department, Universidad Andrés Bello

Academic assistant, undergraduate and graduate research advisor.   Research project developer and executor at Universidad de Chile Medicine School

El Regidor 66, floor 10th

Las Condes, Santiago - Chile

+562 2787 6000 See map