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Patent Engineer

Fernando López

Studies: Mechanical Engineer, Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH), 1985.

Industrial Civil Engineer, University of Santiago de Chile (USACH), 1998.
Languages: Spanish - English


Fernando López is a Mechanical Execution Engineer (1985) and Industrial Civil Engineer (1998) from the University of Santiago de Chile (USACH).

He has extensive knowledge in the field of patents, through training courses in the European Patent Office (EPO), in The Hague and Munich in 1990; in search of the state of the art in the EPO in The Hague in 1992; Diffusion of Information Technology contained in patent documents in the EPO, in Vienna in 1993.

From 1987-1991 he worked as a patent examiner of the Chilean Patent Office of the Industrial Property Department, Ministry of Economy, Development and Reconstruction.

From 1992 to April 1995 he served as head of the Office of Information Technology Department of Industrial Property, Ministry of Economy, Development and Reconstruction.

In 1993 he was appointed consultant to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), to perform a mission of assistance to the Government of Uruguay for the creation of an Office of Information Technology at the National Office of Industrial Property under the Ministry of Industry from Uruguay.

From May 1995 to June 2015 he worked as a patent engineer of Johansson & Langlois.

From 1995 to 2016, he was the Patent Advisor Engineer of the University of Santiago de Chile, Vice-Rectory of Research and Development.

He participates as a member of several committees of Patents of the Chilean Association of Industrial Property (ACHIPI).

From July 2015 to June 2017, he was a private patent consultant for different IP Law Offices.

From July 2017 to September 2019, he worked as external patent examiner of Industrial Property National Institute.

Since October 2019, he has worked at Alessandri as patent engineer.


El Regidor 66, floor 10th

Las Condes, Santiago - Chile

+562 2787 6000 See map