Power Generation

Alessandri renewables team has advised on over 300 MW of solar PV projects since its inception and offers assessment of small and large-scale solar energy projects, at any stage of development our team delivers a comprehensive package of solar services cover all aspects of the solar project lifecycle.

Alessandri can provide you a complete Solar Photovoltaic Project development until shovel ready stage, including:

  • Feasibility including technical and financial feasibility: During the feasibility stage, our goal is to determine if your project is buildable and financeable. Our client-centric approach starts with a frank conversation to identify project goals and expectations. Our team is able to offer services a la carte or as part of a standard package to get the reports and deliverables needed to evaluate the selected PV project potential.
  • Design and development  including pre-contract negotiations: We assist our clients with the establishment of project specifications, quality standards, and evaluation criteria.
    •Due diligence including technical, commercial and environmental due diligence services: With no agendas or incentives to push one product over another, we can evaluate the best technologies and only use proven products that are backed by solid balance sheets and comprehensive quality controls.
    •Financing & Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Energy and Environment

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