Carbon Credits

Alessandri renewables have a team with rich experience in identification and development of GHG mitigation projects across the sectors under compliance and voluntary markets (CDM/VCS/GS/PoA). Our team has successfully developed/registered more than 30 projects under CDM/VCS. Individually, several of our staff have been active in validation/verification of GHG emission reduction projects since evolution of the carbon market, and many have been well-known faces in the carbon markets.
Our services includes:

  • We assist in conducting feasibility of any concept/projects under existing market mechanism (CDM/VCS/GS)
  • Prepare the Project Design Document (PDD/PD) and assist in Validation and registration
  • Development of new or revision of existing CDM, VCS and GS baseline and monitoring methodologies
  • Assist in Monitoring and verification of greenhouse gas reductions
  • Manage the sale of the resulting CERs/VCUs from the projects for the entire crediting period of the projects, through our network of carbon buyers, to obtain the best market prices and robust contracts.
  • Our expertise are in: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Biomass based heat/power generation, Pulp and Paper, Waste heat recovery & Food Processing.


Energy and Environment

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