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Minister of Energy participates in ceremony of GNL Quintero

13 November, 2013

Minister of Energy, Jorge Bunster, stated during the event that the expansion project vitalizes wider use of the energy matrix of natural gas, as it is a cleaner fuel and generates electricity at a lower cost than diesel.

In a symbolic ceremony, Jorge Bunster, Energy Minister was who placed the first stone of the extension plan Quintero LNG terminal. The project will enable the expansion of regasification capacity by 50 % from 2014 and 100% increase in load capacity LNG trucks.

Along with the minister, the Quintero LNG directory, representatives of the shareholders, employees and contractors of the company also attended.

The extension of the Quintero LNG Terminal intends the installation of a new train of vaporization, which will cause it to increase regasification capacity from the current 10 million cubic meters of natural gas to 15 million cubic meters per day. To carry out the expansion, the project had an investment of US$25 million and will be completed during the second half of 2014.

Minister Bunster, during the ceremony, stressed the relevance of the terminal expansion work, noting that “this project is very important for Chile, because viable wider use of LNG in the energy matrix, is relevant for two factors: because it is a fuel that is cleaner and because at the same time it generates electricity at a lower cost than burning diesel”.

Today, the capacity reaches 1,250 cubic meters of LNG per day and amounts to about 750 thousand cubic meters per day of natural gas and 25 trucks loaded daily. GNL Quintero’s work considers duplicate that level to 1.5 million cubic meters of natural gas to the integration of two new load islands. This will require an investment of U.S. $ 7 million and is scheduled to become operational during the first half of 2014.


Source: http://www.minenergia.cl/ministerio/noticias/generales/ministro-de-energia-coloca-primera.html

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