Voluntary Market – Client: Consorcio Santa Marta (CSM) – Chile

TYPE:                                                Voluntary Market

FORMAT:                                         Gold Standard

UNDERWRITER:                            Numerco


PURCHASE TRANSACTION:      Over-The- Counter (OTC)

PLATFORM:                                     Markit

ISSUE:                                               Retroactive

VOLUME:                                         300,000 VERs/year

TYPE OF CREDITS:                       Biogas Non Conventional Renewable Energy

CLIENT:                                            Consorcio Santa Marta (CSM) – Chile

WEBSITE:                                        www.csmarta.cl

SERVICES PROVIDED: Technicalcommercial evaluation of carbon credits issue following the Swiss standard. Selection of consultant and Designated Operating Entity (DOE). Advisory services for the placement and sale in the
European market of carbon credits issued by this project. Ongoing services.


Energy and Environment

El Regidor 66, floor 10th

Las Condes, Santiago - Chile

+562 2787 6000 alessandri@alessandri.cl See map