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Alessandri renewables team has advised on over 300 MW of solar PV projects since its inception and offers assessment of small and large-scale solar energy projects, at any stage of development our team delivers a comprehensive package of solar services cover all aspects of the solar project lifecycle.

Alessandri can provide you a complete Solar Photovoltaic Project development until shovel ready stage, including Project identification, feasibility studies, environmental permits, electrical connection, lease contract & mining claims.

We believe the key is to build small 9 MW plants in different places (distributed generation), cheap (< 1.3 US$ million per MW) & without buying the land (just rental).

Our model is based on units installed near the central part of the country with PLFs 20-18%  where the majority inhabitants live and where the spot price is more stable because almost all the power generators (renewable and non renewable) come with their energy so a diverse mix of energy sources are available at a single point then the electrical system in that area becomes more stable and the price to pay is much closer to the historical spot average.

Our fee structure is a single payment at Ready-to-Build stage ( i.e. Lease contract, mining claims, environmental permits, electrical connection permit, basic engineering, building permit & electrical Concession): 80,000 US$/MWp

Energy and Environment

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