Constanza Lichtemberg

Estudios: MSc Construction Law & Dispute Resolution, King’s College London, 2017

Diploma in “Litigation and New Procedures”: Criminal Procedural Law, New Procedural Civil Reform and Arbitration, Universidad Católica de Chile, 2013

Law Degree, Universidad de Chile, 2012
Languages: Spanish - English


Constanza Lichtemberg is a lawyer from Universidad de Chile, and concentrates his professional practice in the area of Projects, Engineering and Construction, as well as Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution.

Previously, he worked as an associate lawyer in the area of Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution in Cariola, Díez, Pérez-Cotapos y Cía., Focusing his practice in civil litigation and arbitration in construction matters.

During the years 2012 and 2013, Constanza provided legal advice as a lawyer from the Legal Division of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, and prior to that, she served as the legal representative of Estudio Harasic & López.



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