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Alessandri recruits Chambers awarded prestigious litigation lawyer

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7 February, 2012

Attorney Gabriela Morales joins the litigation group:

Alessandri & Compañía recruits prestigious litigation lawyer expert in free competition

Today, when free competition revives as a fundamental pillar for free markets in our economy, attorney Gabriela Morales, a Universidad de Chile Law School graduate, comes to strengthen the Alessandri & Compañía litigation group.

With Diplomas in Competition Economics (Universidad de Los Andes, 2007) and Criminal Procedure Reform (Instituto de Estudios Judiciales, 2005), she has specialized in litigation involving civil issues, arbitrations, regulatory matters, free competition and unfair competition. Before joining Alessandri & Compañía, she worked 9 years with Gabriel Zaliasnik in litigation and free competition cases and subsequently associated with attorney Isabel Díaz.

Gabriela has been distinguished by Chambers & Partners in the litigation, free competition in telecommunications, media, and technology areas. She has a vast and successful experience in regulatory matters, particularly in the water utilities and telecommunications industries. She has counseled and represented a great number of laboratories and radio broadcasting and telecommunications companies.


All the experience and high standard legal services provided by Alessandri & Compañía attorneys for almost 120 years,  supported by an advanced technology and permanent managerial innovation, have contributed to the structuring of a robust litigation team with great achievements in civil, commercial, and administrative lawsuits, in addition to trademark, patent, and unfair competition proceedings, consolidating an indispensable support group for individuals and companies seeking comprehensive legal counsel.

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