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Alessandri is awarded as “Trademark Firm of the year 2018” by Managing Intellectual Property

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19 March, 2018

Alessandri was recognized “Firm of the Year 2018” in Trademarks by the Managing Intellectual Property magazine.
In a ceremony held in New York, Rodrigo Velasco A., received the most important award of the Intellectual Property industry in the world.

The IP managing partner of Alessandri highlighted: “It is especially relevant to be recognized in the area of ​​greatest activity and major challenges of the last year in Chile, in which legal practice has required combining specialties in regulatory matters, litigation, consumer rights, administrative law , etc., considering the controversial reforms and legislative discussion regarding of food and drugs labeling. We were invited by the International Trademark Association (INTA) to present the Chilean case at the Latin American Conference that took place in Colombia last year, together with the representatives and internal lawyers of the most important brands in the world. ”

“Undoubtedly the profile of a transversal legal study, which has diverse specialists who form multidisciplinary teams in the litigious, tax, regulatory and public law fields, far beyond the” commodity “that involves the mere processing of trademarks to local level, it is a factor that adds enormous value to our customers around the world. ”

“In this award we have recognized the vision and integrated work of the entire team of specialists in Alessandri, facing the challenge represented by the constant regulatory evolution in terms of labeling, advertising and administrative authorizations for global product brands. regulated as have been alcohol, tobacco or other substances, and more recently food and pharmaceutical products. Even many companies are consulting us for products that could be approved in the future, such as new compositions that combine sanitary and agricultural registration, and a great etcetera. ”

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