Arturo Alessandri C.

Estudios: LLB graduated Law School, Universidad de Chile.

Masters in Law (L.L.M.), Universidad de Harvard.
Idiomas: English - French


Arturo Alessandri C., managing partner of Alessandri, has focused his practice on foreign investments, mergers and acquisitions, as well as on project financing, concessions and arbitration. He is also advisor to a wide portfolio of foreign companies in different industries as a foreign corporation agent as well to local and international business entrepreneurs. He is the chairman and director of different corporations and non-profit organizations.

Following family tradition, Arturo Alessandri has also performed civil service, firstly as a Counsel to the National Planning Office (ODEPLAN) of the Presidency of the Republic, from 1979 to 1983. Later, between 1992 and 1996, was elected TownCouncilor to the Municipality of Santiago.

He has been a professor at the Universidad de Chile International Studies Institute and School of Business Administration.

He is currently President of the Chilean Bar Association (2015-2017) and was Vice-President between 211-2014. He is the head of its International Relations Committee. He has participated as a speaker and panelist in numerous conferences held by the national and international bar associations he is a member of.

Since 1989, Arturo Alessandri has been an active member of the International bar Association (IBA), and has been a permanent delegate of the Chilean Bar Association before its General Board since 2001.

He is a member of the Mediation and Arbitration Center of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce.

Beyond legal

He has been the Honorary Consul General of Singapore in Santiago, Chile, since  1990.

Since 1992, he has been the President of Fundación Complementa para el Síndrome de Down.

He presided over the Chilean-Mexican Chamber of Integration between 2000-2005, and 2008-2012.

Personal Advisors and Business

Avda. Andrés Bello 2777, of. 2101

(Edificio de la Industria), Santiago - Chile

+562 2956 6500 See map