30 September, 2010
Legal Publications

Recent tax treaty between Chile and the US: a boost for the US investment fund industry

2 July, 2010
Legal Publications

Alessandri & Compañía with its client Caterpillar in Latin Lawyer Magazine

20 November, 2008
Local Press

EL MERCURIO: Rodrigo Velasco A. receives award at the ProBono Foundation annual dinner

13 November, 2008
Local Press

Revista Capital, Rodrigo Velasco Alessandri refers to new IP legislation currently being discussed at the Chilean Congress.

11 November, 2008
Guide and Rankings, Legal Publications

Getting the deal through, Copyright 2008: annual special report providing comparative international analysis in key areas of law and policy for corporate counsel, cross-border legal practitioners and business people. Rodrigo Velasco A. and Felipe Schuster were the contributors to the 2008 Chile chapter.

13 July, 2008
Legal Publications

MANAGING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Rodrigo Velasco A. writes about a new law that intends to increase the penalties for IP crimes including the associated liability of ISPs

12 July, 2008
Legal Publications

Trade Mark Survey Americas, Alessandri & Compañía es ubicado dentro de los mejores estudios en Trade Mark Prosecution.

12 July, 2008
Legal Publications

MANAGING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Trade Mark Survey Americas, Alessandri & Compañía is listed as leader in Trade Mark prosecution

5 April, 2008
Local Press

REVISTA CAPITAL: Arturo Alessandri C. writes about taxes, person and family: a fair tax system may not lose sight of taxpayers’ real capacity to pay

1 March, 2008
Legal Publications

Rodrigo Velasco A. writes in Managing Intellectual Property: New law sparks debate over ISPs liability

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