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Five generations of lawyers have contributed to the highest standards of excellence in the selection of our team.

Andrés Dighero

Arturo Alessandri C.

Carla Pacheco

Cristián Pérez B.

Cristóbal Riffo

Felipe Cousiño

Fernando Jamarne

Francesca Rodríguez S.

Francisco Espinoza

Guillermo Correa

Javiera Badilla V.

Loreto Bresky

María Pilar Chicago G.

Maricarmen Muñoz

Raúl Montero

Rodrigo Velasco A.

Rodrigo Velasco S.

Sebastián Molina

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Alessandri Individual and Business Advisors provides highly specialized services through a comprehensive and unique tax and legal analysis, designing models tailored to the needs of our clients.


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Innovation, responsibility and development to create new and successful Energy and Environment business models.

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El Regidor 66, piso 10

Las Condes, Santiago - Chile

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Personal Advisors and Business

Avda. Andrés Bello 2687, 7th floor

(Edificio Pacífico), Santiago - Chile

+562 2956 6500 alessandri@alessandri.cl

Energy and Environment

El Regidor 66, floor 10th

Las Condes, Santiago - Chile

+562 2787 6000 alessandri@alessandri.cl See map